Anna Scherbak

UPD. I haven't updated this website for a while because I will publish a new redesigned version with a lot of content at the beginning of July :)

About me

May 13, 2019

My name is Anna Scherbak, and I am a 25 yo marketer and writer currently located in Kiev, Ukraine. I created this blog for three main reasons:

  • I want to make writing my daily habit
  • I want to learn basic programming
  • I want to keep track of my progress online

I have spoken to some people on Twitter about the ways of stimulating my thinking, and it turns out that writing is the best solution. My goal is to write essays on topics I am deeply concerned about each week. Patrick OShaughnessy (@patrick_oshag) recommends to “always thoughtfully expose your curiosities to the world.” In my blog I will focus on the thoughtfulness aspect.

My story

I graduated with a BA in Law in 2014. After that, I went to France and Belgium to study European law. I was very lucky and had a chance to visit 30+ countries and study 5 foreign languages. I was perfectly sure that I will become a lawyer but gradually I understood that I’m passionate about art (music and cinema) and technology.

For me technology is synonymous with inspiration. Even though for most people it’s just another way of enterntainment, we can use it to learn, grow, meet new exciting people, explore fabulous concepts, use it as a leverage.

I gain product management skills, learn programming, Chinese and music production online from the best teachers in the world. Gradually Twitter, Youtube and Github have become my next university. Technology brings me genuine joy of learning. Knowledge gained from people living all over the world and access to the thought-provoking content have definitely changed my mindset. That is why I created this website. Maybe I can also teach you something?

My projects

The Reader. I have created The Reader last year together with my friend. We formed a community of people who meet twice per month to discuss a book from the Great books list. We have already discussed Plato’s ‘Apology’, ‘Meditations’, JSM’s ‘On Liberty’ among others. Books occupy important place in my life. I will dedicate a lot of posts to them.

What’s next

I know this website is far from ideal but it’s only the beginning. My favorite Oscar Wilde’s idea is that “the only difference between the saint and the sinner is that every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future.” This quote gives hope and inspires.